7 Must Dos Before Summer Ends

With only two weeks left, there’s not much time this summer to squeeze in some fun and get organized before the start of the school year. Don’t miss out on a few more adventures with your teens before the stress of studying takes over. Here’s RSG’s 7 Must Dos Before Summer Ends.

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7 Must Dos Before Summer Ends


Go to the Drive-In

What says summer better than grabbing the kids and heading to the drive-in? There aren’t too many of these gems left so enjoy them while you still can. It will be well worth the additional time you invest traveling to find one near you. Enjoy some snacks, sodas and comfy viewing from your car. Don’t forget to pack your favorite pillows and blankets from home. We like to go in our jammies (which for teens means baggy sweats and t-shirts). It will be dark so tell them not to worry about make-up and hair – you might even make it out of the house in time for the movie! Here’s a great resource to find a drive-in near you.


Eat Ice Cream… for Dinner

August has some hot days at the end of the month. Pick one of those extra hot weekdays and surprise the kids with a trip to the ice cream shop for dinner. We don’t mean find an ice cream shop that also offers burgers and fries. We mean order ice cream for dinner. Have you been craving a hot fudge sundae all summer long? Eat it guilt-free by eliminating the meal before dessert! The kids will love it. When I was younger my Mom would occasionally take me out for hot fudge sundae dinner and I LOVED it!


Hit the Beach and Stay Until Sunset

Don’t just go for a few hours. Grab the sunscreen, hat, chair, book, Bluetooth speaker and stay all day! Pack enough food and snacks to stay until sunset. Some of the best hours on the beach are from 4:00 p.m. on. Here’s a list of some of the top beaches in the U.S. to visit.


Go School Supply Shopping (or order online instead!)

Waiting until the last minute to buy school supplies is exhausting and stressful. Usually there are items that your teen needs that are sold out (like calculators!). Then you have to travel to store after store to get everything on their list. Amazon and Staples offer online shopping options. How easy is it to order from your laptop and have everything delivered right to your door? We’ve used both online resources for our school supply shopping over the last couple years and will never go back to shopping in the store. BONUS – Staples is having a 50 cent sale this week! You can also get free shipping on JanSport backpacks here:

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Get a First Day of School Outfit

Don’t shop for all of your back to school clothes before school starts. If we know anything about teens, it is that they will change their mind and tastes once school starts and they see what everyone else is wearing. Why buy clothes before school starts and watch them sit with the tags attached for months in their drawers? Go through their clothes from last year and pick a few outfits to get by for the first week or so. Buy one outfit for the first day and plan a shopping trip a week or two after school begins.

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Print out the 2017-2018 School Calendar and Post it

Get organized before it’s too late. Our girls have school pictures on the first day of school. I’ve been a self-proclaimed “Mom of the Year” before by missing key dates like these before. Don’t follow in my footsteps. It’s easy to get the info you need these days by going online and printing out the school calendar. Trust me, you will be happy you did it.


Review the Summer Reading/Math Assignments

Each kid is different. There is no right or wrong way to complete it, but it has to be done. If you have a procrastinator, it might be a good time to ask about summer reading or math assignments and remind your favorite “Last minute Lucy” to get her butt moving!


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