Celebrating Father’s Day: A Father for my Daughters

Father's Day

As a teenager I remember constantly wondering IF. My “IFs” came in many forms. IF we would stare at the empty chair in front of the untouched place setting at the dinner table again. IF I would spend the entire game glancing at the gate at the end of the football field on Friday night, waiting for him. IF I would be humiliated when he didn’t show up to escort me at Homecoming like all the other Dads. IF tonight he would come home after waiting at the top of stairs for three nights in a row. IF I’d ever really want to celebrate Father’s Day.

As an adult, I knew my future would not be filled with a similar life of IFs. My new definition of IF would be more like this.


Father's DayIF I Could Choose a Father for my Daughters…

he would melt like a three scoop ice cream cone on a 95-degree day the first time he holds each baby in his arms.

he would spend his Fridays cooking, cleaning, feeding and changing diapers while I shower, get dressed and head off to work.

he would volunteer to coach the kindergarten soccer team, never having played an organized game of soccer in his life.

he would teach himself how to make the perfect bun without a strand of hair out of place – making his daughter the “model” for all other dance moms to emulate.

he would take turns attending school music concerts saving me from yet another performance of Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

he would fly the family across country to watch his girls compete on stage for a total of four minutes, turning everyone’s head in the room with his cheering and whistling at the end of their performances.

he would ask all the right questions of the newest boy coming to the house expecting to leave with his little girl to go out to dinner or a movie.

Father's Dayhe would agree, year after year, to continue the search for the perfect Christmas tree farm with homemade cider and donuts. Often driving over an hour each away, hiking through the woods in the freezing cold, listening to three girls tell him which tree is perfectly shaped, smells the best and has the most vibrant color.

he would take the time to shop for, or make himself, just the right gifts. Buying a pair of sassy little pink cowboy boots or building a wooden picture frame, trophy shelf or jewelry box designed with exotic wood he handpicked.

he would build the perfect fire in the fire pit, complete with s’more ingredients to accompany backyard movie night.

he would expertly research, track down, and call the unlisted number of the parent whose child bullies his daughter, letting them know that they are not going to get away with it.

Father's Day Grilled Cheese

he would dismiss her early from school to play hooky and see the latest new thriller movie with him.

he would still melt when they are 14 and 16 and request homemade grilled cheese sandwiches from “Daddy” in their perfect little girl voices.

Father's Day


he would come home every night.

he would ask them about their best and worst parts of the day.

he would be there, without any doubt.

he would always do what he says.

he would love unconditionally.



Happy Father’s Day to the man who does all these things and so many more!