Five Facts for Freshman Year


Is high school about to become a reality in your household? We all remember that struggle, don’t we? Looking for some real-world advice to share with your teenager as she takes the big leap? Here are RSG’s Five Facts for Freshman Year to help your teen survive the hardest days.


Girls are Mean.

We are “judgy” and sneaky and conniving. But we are also smart, strong and resilient. We ache with pain when someone betrays us. If you come across “judgy” girls who are not worth your time, walk away. If your best friend becomes sneaky and sinister (and it will most likely happen), walk away. High school girls are emotional time bombs. They get angry and react without thinking. They say and do cruel, stupid things. Don’t let others control your actions and emotions. Always remember… we are smart, strong and resilient.


Guys Make Great Friends.

Escape the girl drama and find some guy friends. Guys tell you like it is. They don’t sugar coat anything. If they don’t like something, they will tell you. Most of the time you can trust that a guy is being honest. They aren’t masters of manipulating their feelings like girls are. Looking for a solution to your problem? Guys will give you their best answer. Girls will tell you what they think you want to hear.


Trust Yourself First.five facts freshman year

The one person who will never let you down is the person you wake up to every morning. Be your own champion. Trust that your values are strong. Know that your beliefs are real and genuine. Be selective about who you share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with – trust is earned with friends, not required.


You Will Never Regret Trying.

The hardest day will be the one when you try something for the first time. It will also be the best day. If you never try, you never know. Don’t let fear of failure or peer pressure to avoid certain clubs, activities or sports derail your desire to try something new. At the end of the day, the only person you need to please is yourself (and maybe your parents!). Take advantage of what completes you as a person.


Today’s Traumatic Event Will Be Tomorrow’s Triumph.

It will seem like the test you fail, the friendship that ends horribly, or the boyfriend who dumps you via text will crush your soul forever. Look around. Every person who graduated high school has had the same experiences. We all have experienced great loss and disappointment in high school that we thought we’d never survive. It stabbed us in the heart 1,000 times over. It was crushing, devastating and what seemed like the end of the world to us. And, we all came out STRONGER!


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