I Choose

In the wake of what happened earlier this week in Manchester, England, we need to be inspired. I don’t choose to highlight this dumb @$$ of the day. Instead…


I Choose

To invite instead of alienate

To intently listen when it’s so much easier to block out

To offer a strong shoulder to someone with endless tears

To give precious moments when the calendar is triple booked

To embrace originality and creativity, shutting out judgment and ridicule

To share the path with others rather than take the first exit

To always respond first with empathy, love and compassion

To forgive when it’s completely impossible

To encourage and raise up rather than beat down and rip apart

To make time stand still when gracious, amazing, selfless acts of love unfold that overwhelm and inspire…

and make that the lead story in our life

  1. Thanks! I am not always successful — but one has to have goals. I do firmly believe that we need to share all the good in the world to demonstrate to our kids that good always wins over evil.

  2. You inspire me…I believe if we would all choose to live with these ideals there would be peace in our world.