Is the World Driven by Fate & Signs?

I have a very good friend who often says, “It’s a sign, Erin.” We usually see signs when we are justifying an expensive, frivolous purchase our husbands would rather we avoid… like a new designer purse, tickets to a Billy Joel concert in New York City, or a trip to Turks & Caicos for a Mother’s Day gift! Regardless of the reason, it’s always justified by some type of convincing “sign” that makes perfect sense to us at the time.

The first sign…

On the day I decided to take the leap with my new blog, another friend of mine happened to start a Good Vibe Tribe group text with five close friends. Her text read, “Let’s share positive thoughts and/or quotes with each other.” Here were some of the quotes that came in within one hour of her text being sent out:


The convincing sign…

I decided to share the F.E.A.R quote with my two teenage daughters. It’s been a habit of mine for the last couple of years to text inspirational quotes to them on a regular basis. So, as with anything you tell a teen, they clearly don’t pay much attention to many of them any longer. When I sent it to my 16yo, I received an instant reply for the first time ever! She sent me this:


fate and signs


So, I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone… I’ve decided to face everything and rise… I’ve told myself I’m no too old to try this… I’m living the life I was born to live… and, most importantly, I’m solidifying my “best day” future.

Together we are going to face our fears and let everything flow…the good, bad, hilarious, painful, glorious, heartbreaking, insane, monotonous, proud, exceptional moments that make being a Mom a reality. Please explore, enjoy and exclaim if something is particularly funny, helpful, inspiring or just plain nonsensical. Trust me, you can’t say anything that will shock me – remember, I’m the mom of two teenage girls! I hope will become your “go to” source for coping with the instantaneous disturbances teens throw at us — better than a pint of Chunky Monkey, a glass of pinot and a pricey, hour-long therapy session (though following me while drinking wine or eating ice cream is completely acceptable and encouraged!).



  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Erin. I’m so glad you decided to jump! It’s so refreshing to see a message with so much support and encouragement. Raising girls is not something anyone should have to go through alone! 💖