The Pub Club/Tribe/Squad – Women Make the Best Bonds

pub club women bonds


Pub Club Women BondsTwo and half hours. Once a month. Six to eight participants. One restaurant. 20+ topics of conversation. 150 minutes of therapy for the mere price of chips, guacamole, a veggie burrito and a very generously-sized, super smooth 1800 margarita served in a salted-rim glass.

We are amazing. We are complex. We are determined. We are vulnerable. We are supportive. We are nurturing. We are brutally honest. We are loving. We are smart. We are caring. We are a little crazy. We are powerful. WE ARE THE PUB CLUB.

Each month we meet to discuss life’s latest topics:

Holiday kitchen fires…Hawaii vacations…new puppy…college acceptances…flu…strep throat…mono…work struggles…ailing friends/neighbors…breast feeding…paying for college…prom dress shopping…the latest crafts for home decorating…self-centered husbands…job market demand for pharmacists…upcoming charity events…Patriots football…food…drink…celebrating a 50th birthday in Ireland…naming our iPhone group…favorite guilty pleasure TV shows…

Keeping it Real…

No subjects are off limits. No awkward silences. No lags in the conversation. No secretly running through “to do” lists in our heads as we wonder when the night will end. No hoping someone will finally pay attention, listen and respond appropriately to what we say.

We work full-time and part-time and virtually from home, or the library, or Panera — wherever there is a strong internet connection, and we are stay-at-home moms.

Our connection? Motherhood – the impossibly difficult job of filling the role of mentor, math/English /history/science/art tutor, best friend, punching bag, taxi driver, nurse, strong shoulder to cry on, maid, meal planner and chef, finder of all lost items (shoes/keys/ homework), and life coach. Or, what we typically refer to as … trying to raise our children without severely screwing it up and/or losing our minds!

The connection is strong. The advice is genuine. The need for another Mom’s opinion is real. The laughter is addictive. The tears are therapeutic. The LOVE is palpable.

Maximizing 150 Minutes…

Some call it a tribe, others a squad, some refer to it as a pack, one powerful woman called it a village. The name isn’t important. The resource is! While men waste precious hours reciting sports stats or summarizing work details with one another, we value and embrace our 150 minutes. We know that we have limited time to get the support, advice, counsel we need from those we trust.

Understanding the True Value of Friendships

The rewards of having female bonds are proven with mental, physical and emotional advantages as we age. Here’s just a couple of recent articles that support the need for you to establish your own Pub Club:

Call your bestie: New science says that your friends can be more important to your health and happiness…

Can girlfriends help cure feelings of loneliness?

If an in-person club is too hard to arrange, we invite you to contribute to our RSG community and come as often as you like. After all, that’s how and why Raising STRONG Girls was created!!








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