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Welcome to Raising STRONG Girls’ first gift guide! Since it is our inaugural list, it only seems fitting that we feature a STRONG theme. Ranging in price from under $10 to just over $40, they won’t break the bank!



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Inspire Them with Wall Art

What’s more important than reminding our teens to be amazing…have fun…embrace kindness…and stay strong? THIS SIGN says everything we want to tell our teens every day.

Price: $40.99

ON SALE! There is even an open box option for only $20.50



Reinforce Their Strength Through Wordsgift guide

Aly Raisman’s FIERCE – This New York Times bestseller tells the story of how Aly found inner strength to believe in herself and stay positive in the face of adversity. Our copy arrived this week and we’ve found our teen tucked away in her room reading this for her English class – way in advance of the project deadline. This is high praise!

Aly covers her experience with U.S.A. Gymnastics former team doctor, Larry Nassar, in an appropriate and educational way that is perfect for teens. These are her words:

“To everyone reading this: Your story matters. You matter, and you should trust yourself. If something feels off, and you think you may be being manipulated or taken advantage of, speak up. You are strong and tough. You are not alone. You deserve to feel safe. It’s as simple as that.”

@Aly_Raisman, thank you for your honesty and for speaking out during such an important time in our society.

Price: $10.44

Remind Them Daily of Their Strengths

If you have a teen, most likely a wall tapestry is on their holiday list this year. Available in all shapes, sizes and patterns, tapestries let your teen express their own sense of style.

Of course we love the inspirational options available through Amazon. THIS is one of our favorites.

Price: $19.90

Stuff Their Stockings with Strength!

Is your teen a new driver? Is she lucky enough to have her own car? Why not purchase a key chain with a positive message? These are great stocking stuffers you can pick up at Amazon. THIS ONE is our favorite.

Price: $8.99




We stumbled across these self-affirmation socks on Cape Cod this summer from Notes to Self. We stopped in our tracks when we saw the I Am Strong version in our logo colors! How perfect are these for our Raising STRONG Girls gift guide? Free shipping on anything over $25.00. Stock up!

Price: $12.99


Happy Shopping! 🙂




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