Older Sister’s Advice to High School Sophomore

This powerful letter of advice was shared on a Facebook community page we follow. We loved it so much we asked if we could publish it on Raising STRONG Girls. Thanks, Mom, for allowing us to share it!


From the Mom: What better place for me to share the letter my daughter wrote to her sister. She left this letter in her sister’s summer reading book before leaving for Arizona.

Good luck on your sophomore year 🙂 pay attention in class and do all your work so you can go to the college you want to go to.

Good luck in volleyball.

Be nice to people especially your friends, because they will have your back as long as you have theirs. But especially be nice to mom, Grass and dad. No one will ever have your back more than those 3. I know you are almost 16 and it’s a weird time in your life but one day you will be 19 and moving out and you will wish you spent more time talking to mom on the couch and snuggling Abby (our dog) and less time out to parties.

Be SMART. Know when you’ve had enough to drink and NEVER let any drunk person drive you home.

Wear your retainer and remember that high school is not full of cool big kids and these people will all be irrelevant to you once you graduate. Try to flow through it and focus on the stuff that matters like grades and friends and family.

When mom tries to talk to you about school or gossip or boys let her explain and HEAR HER OUT! She is a detective after all and she is a SMART woman who only ever wants the best for you. You guys will fight but try and mature a little bit this year and have some compassion for other people!

Every time mom asks to hang out or do something and you just flat out give her a “No” that kills her! Start saying yes more and opening your mind to the fact that Mom is just a person like you and she only had her mom until she was 19 which is like me losing mom at my age right now! Gives me perspective on how we are growing up but our parents are also growing older.







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