Summer ’17 Survival Kit – Teen Edition

Summer '17 Survival Kit for Teens

Earlier this week we shared our Summer ’17 Survival Kit – Mom Edition, focusing on how Moms can make the most out of the summer with teenage girls at home. This time, we turn our thoughts to teens and offer advice on how they can live with us all summer. Believe it or not, they struggle as much as we do when it comes to spending too much quality time together!

If we feel concerned and a little afraid about the number of hours to fill this summer, how are they feeling? My guess is they might have the same feelings – for different reasons. Hopefully this Teen Edition of the Summer Survival ’17 Kit will be helpful!


How to Love Your Parents from the First, to the Last Day of Summer; Summer ’17 Survival Kit for Teens


Create Your Summer ’17 Bucket List

What do you want to do with the family this summer? What about your friends? Do you want to have a week of Grammie camp? Create your own bucket list. Make it fun and present your suggestions to Mom and Dad early in the summer so that there is time to plan. Sit down and pick a couple items on the list and make them happen. Volunteer to do some online research. For example, if you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in your area, you could research the location, parking options, bathroom facilities, etc.

Give Mom and Dad a break

We admit it, sometimes we are cranky when we get home from work. Give us our space to unwind before you start asking for favors… and a ride to the mall… and money for Panera.

Summer '17 Survival Kit TeenHave Fun Old Fashion Style!

You work hard during the school year and you need some down time. Grab some friends or your siblings and encourage Mom and Dad to take you out for ice cream or a drive-in movie. If you haven’t been to a drive-in, you definitely should try it out this summer. This article from 2016 might be a good start to finding one in your area. Be sure to call to make sure they are still in business.

Read the Taxi Shuttle Schedule

If Mom followed our advice to create a taxi shuttle schedule, please take time to read it. We know you’ve got places to go and people to see. Remember that your parents have work to do and places to be as well. Try to keep them in mind and combine your trips, or choose times that might be more convenient for them, by not just focusing on your immediate needs.

Make Some MoneyRSG Chore Chart

There are about nine weeks in the summer. If you aren’t 16, it’s really hard to find a real job so how can you make some cash? Look around the house and think about things Mom and Dad do that you know they don’t want to do. (Hint – mine is emptying the dishwasher!) Suggest how you can help. Figure out how much time it will take. Recommend a suggested fee. See my 14yo’s Chore Chart here for inspiration!

Create a Backyard Movie Night

If there aren’t any drive-ins in your area, ask Mom or Dad if they can help build a backyard movie screen. It can be a pretty easy thing to do. Search backyard movie night on Pinterest and you will find a lot of great ideas. This one from Lou Lou Girls is awesome. Good luck!


Enjoy the Summer with Your Family!

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