Words of Advice for My Teen Girls

Advice for My Teens

We all know parenting isn’t easy. As soon as we think we’ve got the route all figured out, we end up on the side of the road with a flat from the massive pothole we couldn’t avoid. How do we navigate the best course for our teens so they can chart their own path? Live and lead by example. Encourage them to take the unfamiliar road and find new – and possibly better – directions for their trip through life. Let me share words of advice for my teen girls.


Raising STRONG Girls – Words of Advice for My Teen Girls


Be Brave. Stick up for yourself and your friends when it’s not the socially acceptable thing to do. It’s when social pressures are compelling you to stay quiet that you need to roar the loudest!


Ask Questions. Asking questions doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. It’s actually the opposite. It demonstrates that you are confident enough to admit when you don’t have all the answers. It shows that you care about knowledge/facts you currently don’t have and that you want to learn more.


Be Truthful. Tell the truth, always. No situation is that dire that you need to cover up facts to make a quick escape. Lying seems like an easy out to avoid an uncomfortable situation. There is no such thing as one lie. One leads to another, and another, and soon you will find yourself in an awful mess.


Take Risks. Take a leap and try something new, even when every fiber in your being screams, “Run away,” or “Everyone will make fun of me,” or “I’m not going to be any good at that, I’ve never tried it.” Everything you enjoy doing now was once your first attempt.


Listen to Your Heart. If a situation is pulling you in two directions listen to what your heart tells you to do. You can’t go wrong when you choose love, kindness, empathy and caring.


Don’t Be Afraid of Change. No decision is so permanent that it can’t be undone. If the situation is one that is causing you to question who you are, or what you are doing, it is probably not something you want to be involved with. Change can be scary. It’s also amazing and energizing and exhilarating!


Be Thankful. No one gets where they are alone. Remember to thank those in your life who provide support, guidance, love, understanding, friendship, time, education, kindness, constructive criticism, a shoulder to cry on… Embrace all you have to be thankful for. Say thank you often and make it count.


Try Not to Let Worry Run Your Life. This is difficult — even for parents. We think and overthink situations in our heads. We envision all kinds of things that can go wrong. Ask yourself: What does worrying solve? It has no significant purpose and clearly no positive outcome. Let it go.


Be Kind – All Ways. Your actions speak louder than words. Your words can cut like a knife. Choose actions and words wisely. Think about how people might interpret and react to the words and actions you choose. Remember kindness trumps hostility.


Advice for my teen girlsEnjoy Each Day. Do something that makes you happy every day. Buy that new shirt you’ve been eyeing for a week. Eat your favorite chocolate chip cookie or muffin. Enjoy your new bath bomb from Lush. Choose happiness.


And, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t add a bonus thought…Don’t be a Dumb @$$. 😉



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